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We've created an independent ballot line for the November 2023 election!

It's called Brunswick United because we know that local issues do not break down along party lines: when you're sitting in traffic on Hoosick Street, it doesn't matter whether you're a Democrat or a Republican. And EVERYONE cares about what happens in their own neighborhood. Here in Brunswick, so many of us value the rural feel and open space around us and want to come together to preserve our unique character. 

So, if you want to signal your support for bipartisan leadership in Brunswick, vote on the Brunswick United line in November. The name of our party makes clear that we deeply value bipartisan perspectives.


This year on your ballot, you will find the following candidates on the Brunswick United line:

Gary Gordon for Brunswick Town Justice

Terry Buchanan, incumbent, for Brunswick Town Justice

Tom McGrath for Brunswick Town Supervisor

Jennifer Mann for Brunswick Town Council

Evelyn Carter for Brunswick Town Council


Our Community

I'd like to hear from YOU, the members of my community!  What are your hopes for development in Brunswick?  What can your local government do differently or better?  How can we improve our public amenities, services, communications and online access?  Let's work together for the future of Brunswick!


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