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Brunswick UNITED

Jennifer Mann embodies the values of Brunswick United because she puts the needs of her fellow citizens over party politics.  As a member of the Town Council, Jennifer will represent all of Brunswick's residents, regardless of political affiliation, and will work for mutual cooperation and respect between all members of the Town Council as they serve Brunswick. 

Rensselaer County Democratic Committee,
Brunswick Chapter

Jennifer Mann believes that the members of the Brunswick Town Council should represent everyone in our community. She has lived in many diverse regions and neighborhoods across the country and believes this is one of her best assets: she will bring a new perspective and a fresh voice to Brunswick's local government.


Jennifer is supported in her campaign by people from many political viewpoints and will herself respect and be responsive to the views and needs of all of Brunswick's citizens. The Brunswick Democratic Committee again enthusiastically endorses her candidacy. 

Troy Area Labor Council
We are proud to support Jennifer Mann for elected office in Brunswick. This year, we revamped our endorsement process in an effort to make it more rigorous and to ensure we support those candidates who truly stand with labor and working people.
Jennifer takes the TALC endorsement seriously and knows that she must fight hard for the needs and interests of working people who make up the vast majority of the population and who do all of the valuable, productive work in this area and around the country.
Vote Mama
Vote Mama supports Jennifer Mann's campaign for Town Council in Brunswick.  Vote Mama recognizes how challenging it is to run for office while raising young children, and also understands that it is moms who will care the hardest for their communities precisely because they are raising their children in these communities! Jennifer was first motivated to run for public office because she wants Brunswick to remain an amazing place for her children to grow up and hopefully choose to remain in their adult lives.  Jennifer teaches her children the value of loving your neighbor, not only if it's easy, not only if they agree with you, but because we must work together to make a thriving community.

Laughing Earth Farm

We have known Jennifer Mann since 2015 when she became a member of our CSA program.  Jennifer brings a deep commitment to the Town of Brunswick, and has a passionate vision for how our resources, both human and natural, are put to use in our town.  She gives positive energy to everything she does within the community.  Jennifer has our support for Town Council because we trust she will be a thoughtful, conscientious representative for our town, and work for the interests of all the business owners in Brunswick.  Please join us in supporting Jennifer Mann for Brunswick Town Council.

Annie and Zack Metzger


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