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I have lived in many different regions of our country: I was born and raised in the South, moved to the Pacific Northwest after college, attended graduate school at Princeton for my PhD, lived in Western New York and the Mountain West with my husband, and chose to settle permanently and raise our family in Brunswick.  This is one of my greatest assets: having experienced the culture and local governance of so many different regions gives me a different perspective to share with the Brunswick community.

Since moving here I have made my family and my community a priority:

  • In 2018 I joined the Brunswick Democratic Committee to take part in shaping our local politics. 

  • In 2019 I ran for Brunswick Town Council.  I lost, but it energized me.  I immediately got back to work and now have a much stronger community presence and bipartisan support.

  • In 2020 I created, a website and Facebook page to bring critical information and proactive support to our local businesses during the pandemic.  

  • As a part of this initiative I sponsored two rounds of ads for Brunswick businesses in the Advertiser.

  • In October of 2020 I accepted the honor of chairing the Brunswick Democratic Committee.  As chair I am encouraging more bipartisan cooperation and interaction in Brunswick.


My ongoing activities include volunteering at our local organic farm in Brunswick (Laughing Earth Farm) during the growing season. I have also created a sustainable homestead for my family, including a homeschooling co-op, preserving and rehabilitating our historic property, raising and caring for our flock of chickens, planting an orchard, and gardening and canning.

It is important to me to teach my children by example to be active and helpful community members. 


Thank you for YOUR interest!


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