Jennifer Mann brings a new voice to Brunswick government, and is eager to guide the town and its residents into the future.


important issues in brunswick:
Development in Brunswick

Many of Brunswick’s largest acreage plots have uncertain futures.  Sadly, Brunswick only has a handful of working farms left - the rest of them lie uncultivated since the traditional model of farms being passed down through generations has waned.

One of my biggest concerns for Brunswick is how we develop our open land and extend our commercial and residential areas. Currently we are seeing rapid piecemeal development in Brunswick, with fallow fields being sold off and dense housing developments popping up at random in the midst of extremely rural areas. 

I love this area and the diversity of the neighborhoods that fall beneath the umbrella of Brunswick and I feel compelled to run for office to pursue a forward-thinking, purposeful vision for the town so that inappropriate development does not sneak up on us. 

As an owner of a formerly fallow farm myself, I fully understand the complexity of this issue and the pressures facing both landowners and the town. I am confident, though, that we can come together as a community to find novel, progressive solutions to accomplish this traditional, conservative goal that I have of preserving the opportunity for a rural lifestyle in this area.

Traffic on Hoosick Street

Every resident of Brunswick can certainly come together over our mutual frustration about the traffic on Route 7. It has gotten noticeably worse in even the past 5 years. Despite the appearance of over-development on Hoosick due to the ever-present traffic congestion, our commercial corridor is actually dramatically under-developed when compared to nearby towns of similar size with a major state road running through them. Traffic represents a serious impediment to the flourishing of our commercial district.

We need someone in office who will relentlessly urge the state and engage the city of Troy to work with us to find a viable solution to the Hoosick Street traffic problem. I do not claim to have a simple solution or to have ready answers to this complex problem, but I can pledge to be open-minded, to gather solutions from many angles, to listen and to care about how residents and businesses feel about proposed solutions. I plan to help our community devise a workable solution for everyone. We could, and should, be getting a whole lot more out of Brunswick’s commercial development areas.

Our Town's Government

As we all know, the Town of Brunswick encompasses a broad expanse of land, a range of topographies, and an array of neighborhoods ranging from semi-urban bordering on Troy, to suburban surrounded by rural countryside, to truly rural homes. Residents in these various communities within Brunswick have very different concerns and priorities for their local government.

It is critical that our elected officials come from diverse backgrounds and areas so that ALL Brunswick residents are represented, their individual neighborhoods’ needs are addressed, and so that everyone in Brunswick can thrive in the long-term, no matter where in Brunswick they live.  We need people on the Town Council who will take this long-view approach to traffic and road usage, to development, both commercial and residential, and to the importance of preserving some parts of our lifestyles and resources.

We need Town Council members who invite feedback, make themselves available to residents, and who seek out consensus from residents that helps them make their long-term plans for the town.

Our Community

I'd like to hear from YOU, the members of my community!  What are your hopes for development in Brunswick?  What can your local government do differently or better?  How can we improve our public amenities, services, communications and online access?  Let's work together for the future of Brunswick!

June 2020 Anti-Racism Resources

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